We are a small team of crypto enthusiasts from Sweden that feel like the blockchain space has so much potential but there is far too little information out there for new people to get started. The information that exists is often scattered around and/or bad. There are a lot of bad actors out there that want to try to exploit this weakness of newcomers by trying to steal cryptocurrency or gain unfair advantages in other ways. This is obvously bad for the entire industry as it will drive them away. We feel that if we want to keep seeing this industry grow we have an obligation to do something to help the industry.

With knowledge gathered from this space since 2013 we will build and fill this website with news and relevant knowledge to facilitate the process for newcomers to get onboard. As we continue building our information portal we you can expect to regularly see new content added. We will start by focusing on relevant news, bitcoin, ethereum and we will also highlight and review new projects. Further on we are planning on expanding this to more tutorial / course like content for developers. We will mainly be focusing on ethereum developing but also other projects like Polkadot, Cosmos and Cardano.

Since we are a small team the website will most probably see a slow and steady growth. Please check back from time to time to see all the new stuff that we've been working on.

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