Polygon faucet

This tool is used to receive 0.001 MATIC to your wallet on the Polygon main network.


As you may or may not have noticed. The faucet has been down for quite some time already. The faucet went down due to Polygon network congestion and spam attacks which you can read more about here.

Since then, the transaction fees on the Polygon network has gone up substantially. Sending many micro transactions has become harder to do at a massive scale. Despite this, we are continuing to work on our new faucet as promised.

Our last faucet very quickly started to receive attention from bots and people that tried to abuse weaknesses in the code. We have learnt a lot from the first version of our faucet and we will deliver on our promise and will soon release the new faucet. To stay tuned please follow our Twitter where we will be announcing the new faucet once it is ready.

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